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Accurate Automation Corporation has a unique solution of infrastructure available for short term lease to support outside researcher's needs. These items and services are offered as a subcontract or as an on-site lease as available. Inquiries welcome through the contact information.

Wind Tunnel

AAC operates a Mach 2-7 wind tunnel. The wind tunnel has a five inch nozzle with a 12"x12"x15" test section. This tunnel is used in a variety of programs and can be operated to support external program needs.

Plasma Research

The general test equipment includes oscilloscopes, a spectrum analyzer, logic analyzer, network analyzer, high voltage probes, several Fluke VOM’s, plus signal generators and power supplies. A recent addition includes an Agilent 12GHz oscilloscope. Modulators supply up to 250kW X-Band, S-Band, and Ku-Band test frequencies with supporting waveguide and system interconects.


Model Shop

The AAC machine shop supports both plasma and aerospace engineering efforts. The machine shop includes a 3-axis variable speed vertical milling machine with a 2 axis digital readout, a Bridgeport CNC 3-axis milling machine, an 8" bench lathe, a small CNC autoclave, vertical and horizontal band saws, bench grinder, surface grinder, and TIG welder. This machinery includes all accompanying tools and equipment. Co-located with the machine shop is a full composite shop with facilities to fabricate a variety of composite structures for prototype UAVs. The composites shop can fabricate structures from a variety of materials, including carbon/epoxy, fiberglass/epoxy, Kevlar/epoxy, and ceramic fiber parts, as well as various types of wood and laminated wood parts. The composites and wood shop includes a variety of hand power tools, a full set of hand tools, a 17” drill press, a scroll saw, bandsaw, and belt and disc benchtop sanders.

UAV Platform


Subsonic and Hypersonic aircraft development and supporting technology overview can be found here:

UAV Technology

USV Platform

NEO boat.jpg

Unmanned Surface Vessels and supporting technology overview can be found here:

USV Technology

Advanced Airborne Data Acquisition and Control System

AAC has Advanced Airborne Data Acquisition and Control System (AADACS™) flight data acquisition and control computers available to support unmanned system development. A variant of our ADACS flew on X-43A flight at Mach 7 and 9.4.

RPV Ground Stations

AAC owns a mobile ground station. The mobile ground station is housed in a Wells Cargo trailer and is designed for use with AAC developmental vehicles such as Sentinel, X-43A-LS, and LoFLYTE®.