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The innovativeness of our efforts is recognized throught the granting of patents like these:

Sensor Fusion

Patent number 5,850,625

This is an invention for fusing signals from multiple sensors that observe a target(s), in order to improve confidence of the target's existence and position at a given time, as well as determining whether closely spaced sensor detections are the same target or distinct targets that are relatively close to each other.

Pilot-Induced Oscillation Detection and Compensation

Patent number 5,935,177

This invention detects pilot-induced oscillations (PIOs) and can be set up to warn or compensate when a pilot and aircraft are out of synchronisation with each other.

Ion Doping For Aerodynamic Flow Control

Patent number 6,247,671

This revolutionary invention applies plasma to reduce aerodynamic drag. It can be applied to supersonic flows on aerodynamic parts, such as wings, in an effective yet simple and economical manner.

Acoustic Inspection

Patent number 6,386,038

This invention pertains to acoustic inspection of metal and organic matrix composite parts and structures. It can determine whether the part has incurred damage under an applied load.

Vehicle Internal Image Recording and Transmission System

Patent number 6,580,450

This invention entails a vehicle surveillance and recording system that monitors conditions prevailing during the course of a trip with cameras placed in the control station of the vehicle and about the vehicle. The compressed output from the system can be transmitted to ground stations for preservation.


Patent number 6,732,974

A control surface for an air vehicle for flight control at both subsonic and supersonic speeds that defines the outboardmost tip of a flight structure (e.g., a wing, tail or other stabilizer).

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