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Accurate Automation Corporation develops automation of land, sea, and air platforms.

Accurate Automation Corporation is an innovative high technology firm located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. AAC specializes in advanced Unmanned Vehicles, Transient Voltage Supression devices, and other supporting technologies. Accurate Automation has been responsible for the design, development, testing, and manufacturing of Unmanned Systems. Accurate Automation has developed a number of USVs for the Navy. Some of our programs include UAVs such as the X-43A-LS, LoFLYTE®,and GLOV™. AAC is currently working on several USV contracts including launch and retrieval of a UAV from a USV(seen below). AAC is the unmanned boat supplier for the Navy Expeditionary Overwatch System (NEO).


Our vehicles feature technologies such as our family of unique jet engines, advanced adaptive controllers, telemetry subsystems, and data acquisition systems. We also have innovative image compression and authentication tools for secure real time transmission via satellite. Our customers include the United States Armed Forces, NASA, and the National Science Foundation.